Techno Destructo’s First Match

cuadoverallTechno Destructo’s first match was against Team High Voltage and their first time Super-Heavyweight entry, The Little Blue Engine That Could (LBETC). The LBETC was a very strong competitor and Techno almost lost its match. This was due to LBETC’s front fork impaling Techno’s cylinder and wedging itself in the arm. This prevented the arm from operating properly and distracted Sean’s driving during the match. Sean had to balance his driving between removing the fork and attacking the LBETC. Luckily, Sean was able to rid Techno of the fork, throw the LBETC up and over and win the match, 23-22. This decision actually drew boos from the audience. But a win was a win and Techno moved on to face Metalhead.

lbetc2_smTechno’s second round opponent was Metalhead. John from team Metalhead had never had his bot on the ground prior to Tech Inspection and our fight. After the first fight, Carnage Robotics made a trip to Home Depot to pick up some .090 Lexan to cover all of the holes on Techno’s frame. This proved to be very important as Metalhead was another impaler robot like the Little Blue Engine. But alas, Metalhead was no match for Techno as she dominated the fight, flipping and driving Metalhead mercilously around the arena and easing to a 35-10 victory. We think Metalhead’s 10 points were given for damage that occured when Metalhead landed on top of Techno after a throw. When Metalhead landed one time, it snapped its #50 drive chain to one motor, but time ran out before a KO could be recorded.

technovsmetalheadTechno Destructo’s third match of the Treasure Island Tournament was against CUAD the Crusher from Ohio. CUAD, pronounced Cue-Add, stood for Crush Up and Destroy, and Destruction was what occurred in the ring during that fight. We learned quite a bit when the hazards were turned on. We learned that the saws can cut through .090 304 Stainless just as easily as the 6061-T6 Aluminum. We learned that there isn’t very much room to operate without hitting hazards, and we learned that every opponent can be your last. Techno and CUAD fought the entire two minutes. Techno was upside down and lost its protective coverings during the fight, thanks to the kill saws. Techno also used its “brilliant” design to self-right. We lifted and flipped CUAD several times, managed to have the killsaws cut through his battery covers and even managed to break off his arm, and in the end it was down to the judges. In another 23-22 judges decision, Techno earned her third straight victory.

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